George Michalski - When The Power Goes (1988) George Michalski - When The Power Goes (1988)
George Michalski grand piano
Vince Wallace tenor sax
John Muir 1:51 (Michalski)
Flying 4:38 (Michalski)
The Wedding Song 3:24 (Michalski)
Star Spangled Banner 1:29 (Francis Scott Key)
Puppet Ballet 3:16 (Michalski)
DeMille 5:02 (Michalski)
Mother 2:00 (Michalski)
Anthem Without A Country 3:17 (Michalski)
Gypsy's Dance 3:49 (Michalski)
A Simple Love Affair 3:30 (Michalski)
While The City Sleeps 4:06 (Michalski)
Power's Back 1:14 (Michalski)

Produced By George Michalski & Eric Albronda, Chris Berry
Recorded At
    - Different Fur Trading Company, San Fran., Calif.
    - Powerstroke Sudios, San Fran., Calif.
Engineered By Mark Needham & Devon Bernardoni
Mastered By George Horn At Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, Calif.
Album Design By Randy Tutten
Photography By Herb Greene, Keith Stadlinger
Vince Wallace (tenor sax) on Flying, DeMille, Gypsy's Dance, While The City Sleeps
Special Thanks To Barry Melton, Mitchell Holman, . . .

George Michalski - 1988. © Photo Keith Stadlinger

George Michalski
© Photo Keith Stadlinger


 George Michalski 
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